Monitoring service explained

Monitoring service includes regularly checking a server or a network for appearing issues, for instance, slow traffic or an element failure. Various tools can scan the network and catch the issue and rapidly inform the responsible administrator. Once the problem occurs, it sends a text or email notification. The positive effect of this service is finding and fixing any problems fast. Discover more fascinating information about the Monitoring service!

DNS load balancing – Definition

DNS load balancing is a popular network optimization method, in which a domain name’s incoming traffic is proportioned logically. Its main goal is to improve the performance and availability of a domain name. It provides quick access to a website or domain by supplying multiple IP addresses for a single host or domain name, which routes traffic between two or more servers. Find more details about DNS load balancing!

What is Secondary DNS?

Secondary DNS supplies you with an additional set of authoritative nameservers, which are responsible for answering DNS queries for your domain name. There is no difference in the information stored on both servers. Such a service gives you the ability to backup all of the DNS data automatically. It creates a copy on the chosen secondary name servers. Read more information about Secondary DNS!